The Playground offers individual counseling to children, teens, and adults.  I specialize in working with clients that struggle with chronic pain and illness.  Too often the mental health component of chronic pain is overlooked.   I also focus on helping athletes and other high achievers manage a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma in order to help them perform at their highest level.  I also have a heart for children and teenagers.  I work with them and their parents on communication, rebuilding trust and creating better relationships.  I also help children and teens work through challenging family dynamics and work through big life transitions.  



The Playground provides consulting for medical professionals, coaches, instructors, and administrators.

The Playground is available to work with medical professionals to develop improved programs and communication with their chronic pain patients and their families.  

The Playground is also available to work with coaches, instructors and administrators to help develop mental health support programs, develop programs for teams or groups, and assist groups in the time of crisis. 

The Playground can provide support for staff to be proactive when dealing with their teams, patients and performers.  

Leading high-level performers can be a challenge. Messages often get lost in translation, leading to strained relationships and lowered levels of performance. The Playground offers individual support to coaches, instructors, and parents whose goal is to improve their communication with those they interact with. Gaining skills to improve interactions and relationships will lead to overall improved well being for all parties. 



The Playground offers classes and seminars on a variety of topics.
  • Mental Health for Athletes

  • Building community across campus

  • Parenting high-level achievers

  • Parenting children with chronic medical conditions

  • Mindfulness for kids and teens

  • Team development

  • Talking and LISTENING to your teen

  • Working through a crisis

  • Coaching female athletes 

Custom topics can be accommodated on request.